Monday, March 16, 2009

TMI Tuesday #178

1. Don't tell us what it is, but do you have a sexual secret you have never told anyone? Yes
2. Do you have a nonsexual secret you have never told anyone? Yes
3. Did you ever tell someone a secret only to have them spill it? What were the repercussions? No really big secrets have ever been told that I knew about.
4. Did you ever spill a secret someone told you? What were the repercussions? Yes, I am bad at keeping secrets. If they are really bad, then I only tell people who I can trust. So far nothing has happened from spilling news, but then again maybe the person never found out I told. I need to release stuff I know.
5. Tell us a secret someone told you, however along ago, that you've never told. (You can disguise name or details) I'm not sure I ever kept a secret from one person who no one else around me ever found out. I know that my ex boyfriend kept us a secret from his friends, family and FIANCE. Yep I was the mistress, I knew it and didn't like her so kinda did it on purpose. My plan was to break them up and it worked, but then I kinda fell in love with him wasn't completely as I planned. I didn't tell my friends and family when I was seeing him, bc NO ONE liked him and wanted us together on his side or mine. So I guess the secret is out. lol

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