Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Stealing: The Family Meme

1. What is something your mom always says to you? Every phone call is something nice about my husband.
2. What makes your mom happy? Taking long drives with my dad and going to the beach
3. What makes your mom sad? That she has Parkinson's
4. How does your mom make you laugh? She always buys me things and sends me packages in the mail way over here in Hawaii.
5. What was your mom like as a child? She was a good student, didn't have any real bad habits, made life long friends
6. How old is your mom? She would hate to announce that so I will say in her 60's
7. How tall is your mom? 5'7"
8. What is her favorite thing to do? Play cards and games and cook desserts
9. What does your mom do when you're not around? She is so active, always meeting up with friends and going out with my dad
10. If your mom becomes famous, what will it be for? Maybe something dynamic with her Parkinson's
11. What is your mom really good at? Winning games
12. What is your mom not very good at? Driving, she hates to do it and basically refuses
13. What does your mom do for a job? She retired as an elementary school teacher
14. What is your mom favorite food? Mexican
15. What makes you proud of your mom? That she stuck with my dad thru his bad drinking years, didn't give in to divorce and has a happy retirement with him now.
16. If your mom were a cartoon character, who would she be? the Fairy Godmother, bc she always wants to give me nice things and always wanted me to marry a handsome prince
17. What do you and your mom do together? We go shopping, and watch TV/movies
18. How are you and your mom the same? Our voices sound so similar on the phone that her friends think it is her answering
19. How are you and your mom different? She has never weighed as much as me, she dyes her hair
20. How do you know your mom loves you? She brags about me to her friends, buys me things, and tells me nice things
21. What does your mom like most about your dad? That he is so caring for her, patient in general (altho I find him pushy lol) he promises to always push her down piers to watch sunsets when she cannot walk anymore, he always cleaned her car and warmed it up in the mornings in winter even if he didn't have to leave at the same time.
22. Where is your mom favorite place to go? She likes travel a lot and would like to visit Mexico again.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Top 5 Friday

Top 5 Greatest Hits Albums:

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness #47

1.) In your opinion, what is your biggest character flaw? I expect people to be as conscientious as I am to others and give their time. I try to be a great friend, and mine tend to fall short some times, but only in my ideals. 2.) What do you think is one of the worst television shows ever created? The dancing show from last season where people danced with their parents. Dancing is too intimate and sexy in the style they chose to do with a parent, incestuous lol And the show only lasted one season I think. 3.) Have you ever ended up injured after trying an interesting new sex position? No, not YET 4.) How crucial do you think communication is between you and a regular sexual partner? Do you talk often about what works, what doesn't, things you want to try, etc or do you keep the discussions to a minimal and let the physical flow as it may? See my other blog on this one 5.) Who are your favorite comedic actors/actresses? Will Smith and Meg Ryan, but I am bad about not having favorites 6.) In what way(s) do you wish your childhood was different? That my dad didn't drink so much 7.) Cotton Candy; Delicious treat or disgusting mess?I love how it melts in my mouth, but disgusting to just eat that sugar so I do it not even once a year it seems.

Wednesday Weirdness #46

1. What makes a person sexy to you? I am really about looks, so a good body, nice teeth (really picky about teeth) and sexy eyes.

2. When having the 'number of sex partners' talk with a potential significant other, would you be turned off if they had slept with more than a certain number of people? If yes, what is that number? No, I have had sex with male whores lol It just gave them more experience and care about my number not theirs.

3. Once and for all, pocketbook sized dogs and the people who carry them in pocketbooks. Cute or crazy? CRAZY worst is those stupid outfits for dogs, see Paris Hilton's website for the overpriced CRAP

4. Do you give up anything for Lent? If so, what? I do not believe in Lent, don't get me started

5. If you live with someone, what is the one thing you will never let them see you do? Change "things" during the "time of the month"

Monday, March 16, 2009

TMI Tuesday #178

1. Don't tell us what it is, but do you have a sexual secret you have never told anyone? Yes
2. Do you have a nonsexual secret you have never told anyone? Yes
3. Did you ever tell someone a secret only to have them spill it? What were the repercussions? No really big secrets have ever been told that I knew about.
4. Did you ever spill a secret someone told you? What were the repercussions? Yes, I am bad at keeping secrets. If they are really bad, then I only tell people who I can trust. So far nothing has happened from spilling news, but then again maybe the person never found out I told. I need to release stuff I know.
5. Tell us a secret someone told you, however along ago, that you've never told. (You can disguise name or details) I'm not sure I ever kept a secret from one person who no one else around me ever found out. I know that my ex boyfriend kept us a secret from his friends, family and FIANCE. Yep I was the mistress, I knew it and didn't like her so kinda did it on purpose. My plan was to break them up and it worked, but then I kinda fell in love with him wasn't completely as I planned. I didn't tell my friends and family when I was seeing him, bc NO ONE liked him and wanted us together on his side or mine. So I guess the secret is out. lol

Friday, March 13, 2009

Four for Friday

Q1 - Homeownership: Burden or Joy? Joy

Q2 - School Year: Make it longer to boost students' academic achievements or shorter or the same so kids can be kids? The same

Q3 - Weekend: Saturday morning or Sunday morning? Sunday morning

Q4 - Quickly: Instant Messaging or Texting? IM, easier to type

Bonus Question:

Q5 - Newspaper: Hardcopy or Online edition? Hardcopy for the coupons and ads

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Want Wednesday

What book do you want to see made into a movie? What else do you want this week? Feel free to share it all.

I have bought The Shack and hear it is very good. I do not like to read, so if it was a movie then I wouldn't have it for 2 months and not read it yet.

This week, I want a wonderful sex life, with foreplay, some light roughness, sexy music, candles and romance...Every Day this Week!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness #45

1. What is one thing one of your closest friends does that drives you batshit crazy? He tells me the same story over and over. I have known him 8 years and he still talks about his ex wife (same crap), his brother, his mother's illnesses, just repeats and repeats. I am too nice to tell him I KNOW ALREADY. I figure if he needs to say it again, he must need to say it. Plus he is mildly, mentally slow so I just ignore him and say uh huh

2. When buying a new sex toy, what are the features you look for that you absolutely have to have? I want it to vibrate or move some how.

3. If you woke up the opposite gender for one day, what would be the biggest downside to that for you? Remembering to use the men's bathroom. By habit I would enter the woman's.

4. Do you use curse words in front of children? No, I don't like that. I think it is rude, teaches them bad habits and makes people look unintelligent.

5. If you were zapped with a laser and turned into an animated character, what Disney movie would you hate to play a part in? Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She annoys me, and they would always remind me of my short, annoying friend in real life. lol

6. How would you react to your partner answering a phone call or text message during foreplay or intercourse? It better be important! As long as the mood stays the same, guess not a big deal. I have been known to initiate sex while a guy is on the phone...

7. What are three things you want to try doing but haven't yet? (They can be sexual or non-sexual, doesn't matter.) Hot wax during foreplay, a three-some but have concerns on that one, parasailing

Monday, March 2, 2009

Manic Monday #157

It's going to be super-easy this week!

If I was a car, I'd be: '71 Chevelle Convertible - It was my first car, it was fast, I love convertibles and would like another now that I am a good driver and wouldn't crash it so much.

If I was a drink, I'd be: Water, bc then I would serve so many purposes and more than just humans could drink me

If I was emotion, I'd be: Calm, bc then a person can handle lots of situations with grace

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday 9

1. What is the last "white" lie that you told? That I am fine about Mike not coming home Sunday
2. Can you forgive a liar? Yes, but not a repeat one.
3. Do you tend to exaggerate or underestimate? exaggerate mostly, in a joking way, like "I must have had 87 phone calls today" lol
4. Do you hold a grudge? YES
5. What's the biggest lie you've ever told? I did not tell people about my real relationship with an ex. It was between me and him, and No One liked him. Our sex relationship was good but emotionally he was not I just lied about us being together. He lied more than me!
6. Are there times that you feel that it is okay to lie? Yes, white lies and to not hurt my friends feelings if it doesn't affect them
7. Did you ever end a relationship because of lies? No
8. Do you think you can tell when someone is lying to you? Depends on who it is
9. Have you been caught lying? Yes

Friday, February 27, 2009

Husband survey

1. Where did you meet? At a bar, I had just (like that day) been thrown out of my bf's house, the day before my bday while he left town to visit another girl. Thru tears, my gf took me dancing. I saw him across the room and thought he was hot. Turned out he had the same name as my hours-long ex. weird huh? I guess a rebound that ended up good 9 years later.

2. How long did you date b/f you were married? We dated off and on for 9 years. Every 3 years we found each other and finally decided we were meant to be a couple forever.

3. What does he do that surprises you? We are signing him up for modeling gigs when he returns into town.

4. What is your favorite quality of his? His character. He is the most moral, stand up guy you will ever meet. He is a natural peace maker. He does not argue, or fight with me. He talks things thru and is always making sure I am happy. (I HONESTLY HAD TO KEEP WHAT THE PREVIOUS WOMAN ANSWERED, BC DESCRIBES MK TO A "T")

5. What is your favorite feature of his? His eyes are a beautiful, caramel brown color, and his face has a great sculpture to it. He has the best body of his life right now.
6. Does he have a nickname for you? Gorgeous, Beautiful, K

7. What are his favorite foods? He loves pasta, and really eats about anything

8. When and where was your first kiss? It has been so long ago, I can't remember the first kiss. I know I was nervous bc of the situation I met him in, but he was so adorable!

9. What do you like to do together? We are together all the time when not working. He loves doing errands with me, enjoys all my activity choices, we now have a dog to do stuff with, and he is just so laid back anything goes.

10. Do you have any children? He has 1, who is adorable just like dad. We are trying ourselves now

11. Does he have a hidden talent? He sings kareoke and does pretty well.

12. Who said "I love you" first? He did

13. What is his favorite type of music? He really loves country and some hip hop

14. What do you admire most about him? What do I don't admire about him? He is the most forgiving person I know, He is a man of God, and is the smartest person I know. (WOW THESE ARE JUST LIKE MY HUBBY!)
15. Do you think he will read this? Maybe

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Thunks

1. What kind of dryer sheets do you use? Bounce, regular scent

2. How many times a week do you eat out/order in? It wasn't very often, less than once a week some times, but hunny comes home from Iraq on Sunday, and it could change. Altho he likes me cooking, so we will see.

3. What did you do the night of your high school graduation? There was an overnight party at a local activity center. We were dropped off after 7pm and picked up at 6am. It was food, games, sports, prizes, you name it. All from the school, but think parent's had to pay for me to go. Honest, clean, safe fun for us.

4. So Octomom is rumored to have been offered a million bucks to do a porno. Would you do it for a million?
YES! If they want my plus body, bring it on.

5. If your child was born with an extra finger or toe, would you have it surgically removed? If it functioned I might, otherwise no. As long as removing it is as safe as keeping it, the dr can decide. Toes matter less to me than an odd shaped hand.

6. What was the last movie you saw? At theaters was Mall Cop, at home was Sybil. I have never seen it.

7. I wanna buy you a dozen roses, what color should they be? I say pick the prettiest ones you see. I was a florist for a year or so, and think that if it draws your attention, the petals look fresh then pick it. Color doesn't matter to me. I know there are colors for reasons, but hey roses smell great, cheer people up and show you love that person just for spending a small fortune on them lol

8. You are walking across the street, you are not quite half way when a speeding car comes... you have to run to get out of its way, which direction do you run? I keep running straight, bc turning around takes more time. Wait if it is in the far lane and I am not to it yet, then I will just wait for it.

9. Tell us about a time when you were invited over somewhere and had the most awful time. I was on a date with a new guy. I had met him once before out but he said we could watch a movie. I went over there, his roommate was out, I can't remember the movie, the conversation was kinda blah, it got late and he asked me to stay over. I did and had sex with him, but I didn't want to, wasn't attracted to him, thought I could say no and leave anyway but he guilt tripped me. I struggle with saying no and meaning it, so wrapped up a crappy date with crappy sex in a too small bed. Don't even remember his name oops

10. You open your front door, and there is a box with a puppy in it... what do you do? Well I won't close the door and leave it. Who answered that way? I would bring it in, check it out, see if it is healthy. Keep it for the night and then list on craigslist and hope for a good home. If back in St. Louis I would keep it probably but not reasonable here.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness #44

1.) You're on a trip taking a tour through the jungle. You have a backpack with some food, some first aid supplies, a pocket knife, a flashlight and a couple bottles of water. Some how, you get separated from your group. By night fall you haven't found your group and haven't heard them looking for you. How long do you think you would be able to survive on your own? A couple of days. I can survive on bare calorie intake from the food, I won't need first aid bc I don't plan on being a risk taker, I can collect rain water in the bottle after I drink one from a big leaf. I will just stay where I am for 2 days, and hope nothing bites me. Hopefully the group will follow the same trail to where I was left at. While I am waiting I will learn to make a fire, if not too wet and use the smoke to show where I am from the air. Boredom and itching would be the biggest thing, and not over using the flashlight battery when it is scary and dark.

2.) Do you think it's okay to lie to spare someone's feelings? Why? Yes, I do it with one guy. It turns out his brother has meanly told him the things I think. It doesn't change his mental problems and only makes him feel bad. Sparing his feelings makes him happier and my friends tend to just let things go about him too.

3.) If a talking Krista doll were made, what are THREE phrases it would say? You've got to be kidding me! I love you! Yeah

4.) If the super power to be able to read minds at your own will were possible, do you think it would be... cool and helpful, intrusive and wrong, manipulative or maddening? Explain why you would or wouldn't want to be able to read anyone's mind at your own will.
I think it would need to be controlled. Reading everyone's mind would be too much overload, and some thoughts of people should truly be private. If we wanted people to know what we think of them, we would say it out loud. BUT it would be nice to know if people are lying about liking you, are really going to call, and were really just "too busy at work" to call me in weeks.

5.) Drunk confessions, are they the things people can't bring themselves to say sober or just crazy ramblings of an influenced and intoxicated mind?
I am not sure, but the last woman who did it ruined our entire friendship. She was annoying, over reacting, whiney and wrong for flirting with a man at a bar behind her husband's back - While he is fighting a war in Iraq. So there, she can find this blog and hear what she wanted to hear all along. I tried to be to the point, in the nicest way and say that her marriage is not my concern. Drunk and repeated herself over and over and made me wait 25 minutes to call my husband bc she had guilt issues. Never saw her again after that and lost all her drunk bar friends at the same time. Oh well 5 girls out of my life that were never meant to be there in the first place.

6.) What brings out the worst in you? Being unmedicated

7.) Do you think long distance relationships work? Have you ever been in one before?
I hope so, bc I have been separated from my husband in Iraq for 15 months and our relationship is great. Altho I did have a 3 year relationship where the guy joined the Navy and moved away. That one did not last, bc the absence made me realize how bad he was for me. I think age, maturity, length of relationship all play the part in whether it works or not. I do believe that 80% of the 18/19 yr old girls who married their guys bc of Iraq will not make it "til death do us part"

I Want Wednesday

Exercise is good for you. Sleep is good for you. Having a spiritual path to walk on is good for you. A triple scoop chocolate ice cream cone is NOT good for you. Neither is skipping work/school to sleep.This weeks question is: What do you want to be good for you?

I really want to believe that dark chocolate that is higher than 60% cocoa is good enough for me that I can justify to eat it. I am pretty convinced.

Monday, February 23, 2009

TMI Tuesday #175

1. What do find is the most exciting part of a new sexual encounter? Learning the person's body, hoping it is a good lesson
2. Do you have "a most exciting part of a sexual encounter" with a usual partner? I guess
3. How open and honest are you about your life with someone you just met? Not very open but try not to lie either
4. How open and honest are you about your life with someone you work with? Not very much, the general stories but nothing too dramatic
5. How open and honest are you about your life with a casual acquaintance who lives in your neighborhood (or the parent a your child's friend or...)? Not at all, just the basics of every day life and about the person they know...a common neighbor, a common friend, just harmless gossip. Nothing mean about anyone or gossip that could hurt a person
Bonus (as in optional): Define a "normal" as in "normal relationship" or "normal sex life"
Normal is something that is repetitive between a couple. The "usual" or common thing. For most people ideas, that might seem to be sex a few times a week, nothing extreme or too kinky, no extra partners, no cheating, no violence or verbal abuse, showing love to others like holding hands on public or hugging each other.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Writing survey

1. When you write a note to a friend, do you tend to write in cursive or manuscript? Cursive, but I honestly tend to mix it

2. Think back to grade school when you learned how to write: which manuscript letter gave you the most trouble? Capital J and I

3. Did you find cursive easier than manuscript? Cursive is faster, but I can read almost anyone's print but their cursive can be hard to much be a little harder for some

4. How do you type on a computer: the four-finger “professional” method, the “hunt and peck” method, or something in between? I can do all the fingers correctly and up to about 45 wpm

Sunday Stealing

1. Is there anyone of your friends that you would ever consider having sex with? No, none of them are my type for sure

2. Sex in the morning, afternoon or night? I don't do anything in the morning!

3. What side of the bed do you sleep on? Looking at it or in it? lol Laying down, the left side

4. Have you ever taken your clothes off for money? No

5. Have you ever had sex in the shower or the bath? Yes, but more awkward than fun

6. Do you watch/read pornography? Yes

7. Do you want someone aggressive or passive in bed? Agressive

8. Do you love someone on your blogroll? No

9. Would you choose love or money? How much money? If it is millions, then I choose money. If only "honest living" kinda money then love

10. Your top three favorite kinks in bed? Tied up, want to try hot wax, food (I want to copy the pic above!)

11. Has anyone ever gone beyond your personal line of respect sexually? Yes unfortunately

12. Where is the most romantic place you have had sex? Boring Bed

13. Where is the weirdest place you have had sex? In the front of a SUV, across the street from the sewer plant

14. Have you ever been caught having sex? Almost

15. Ever been to a bar just to get sex? No

16. Ever been picked up in a bar? Yes

17. Have you ever kissed or had sex with someone of the same sex? No

18. Had sex in a movie theater? No

19. Had sex in a bathroom? No, but want to

20. Have you ever had sex at work? No

21. Bought something from an adult store? Yes

22. Do you own any sex toys? Yes

23. Does anyone have naughty pics of you or are you on film? Naughty but nice. No private parts exposed, just sexy clothes

24. Have you ever had sex with someone and called them the wrong name? No

25. Do you think oral sex constitutes as a form of intercourse? Yes

26. What's your favorite sexual position? Doggie

27. What's your favorite sex act? Giving head

28. Have you ever had sex with more than one person at a time? No

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday 5

When you travel, what kinds of souvenirs do you like to bring home for yourself? A postcard, stickers to put on the scrapbook page of the travel

Is there a certain kind of souvenir you always bring back for a particular someone? I always buy something little for my mom, she doesn't collect anything, but I know what she likes

Of the souvenirs you’ve collected from your travels, what are some that have special meaning for you? I have a ring of an Argentinian stone that I bought in Mendoza, along with a special cup for drinking tea. I have shells from my trips to beaches in Pensacola/Perdido Key area. I started collecting shot glasses from places that husband and I go from now on.

What’s the silliest souvenir you’ve brought back for yourself, or what’s the silliest souvenir someone has brought back for you? I have a shot glass with a ceramic scorpion as the handle from Phoenix airport. wonder if people will choose to grab it as an option

If you were going to send someone a souvenir from places you visited today, what might it be? A special postcard of Tripler Army Medical Center, bc I volunteer there and they have a shoppette downstairs.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Thunks

15 Questions
1. What brand & flavor of toothpaste do you use? Crest prefer mint or citrus
2. What is your earliest memory?Of leaning over my crib, looking down the hallway at my grandpa in a dark leather recliner
3. Hot Dogs or Hamburgers? Either, depends on where I am. If a sporting event, hot dog
4. If you could bring any one famous person back to life, who would it be? Princess Dianna
5. What is one thing we would always find in your fridge... what one thing would we never find?Find: Mayo Not Find: Onions
6. Did you have to go and look for the answer of #1? No
7. Why don't watermelons grow on trees? They're to heavy, they'd break the limbs
8. What is something that you own that you should probably just throw in the trash, but you never will? Bank statements, we can look online whenever we want and don't the companies have to keep them anyway?
9. I push you into a room and lock the door. I leave you there for 6 hours. The walls are chalkboards and in the middle of the room there is a box of colored chalk. What will be written/drawn on the walls when I let you out? Bad drawings of people, butterflies, rainbows, tictactoe and any thing without much meaning
10. When was the last time you changed the oil on your car? Myself: Never, At all: last month when it was due
11. In your extended family, who has been married the longest?My grandparents, married in their 20's and died in their 90's/
12. Name one thing that is so normal to you now that someone who was your age 50 years ago would think was abnormal. Tongue piercing
13. Have you ever wanted someone or something so bad that it hurt? Yes, my husband back from war safe and soon
14. What do you dip your french fries in? Mayo
15. What was the last picture that you took? At the ProBowl

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness #43

1. What is the most exciting part of a sexual encounter for you? The moment of intercourse. I have been building the intense feeling and when penetration starts I feel a surge in my happiness.

2. What is your favorite way to relax after sex? Usually he lays on his back and I lay on my side, drape my leg over his abdomen and just chat. Then fall asleep. If daytime sex, we just lay there for a bit and then get up to do something else.

3. Do you find sex with someone you have emotional attachment with to be better than casual fucking with someone you don't have emotional attachment with? If I do not have an emotional connection, I have NEVER had an orgasm. I cannot relax and "let go" bc I feel that is giving something of my self away to a guy who will most likely leave my life quickly.

4. What was the last really horrible movie you watched? Hobbs End horror movie. It was the dumbest one, not even a good hacker flick. Bad storyline, shallow characters, poor blood and effects. I bought it really cheap for my horror movie kick lately.

5. What are 3 things someone could do or say during foreplay that would kill the mood for you?
#1 mentioning how this move worked on someone else, #2 "we have to hurry bc I have to go back to work", #3 bad body odor/bad breath

6. Where do you think the best place to buy sexy lingerie is? I have bought online, but usually prefer going to a store. Hard to find plus sizes tho in most stores. Frederick's carries larger sizes.

7. Do you think how a person dances gives you a glimpse to how they perform in bed? Yes I believe that. If a guy can move to a beat of music, his hips and body can create a movement in sex. I think that awkward dancers are usually awkward with their own bodies. Plus dancing can be great foreplay, but done badly we just laugh about it.

8. When was the last time you got served breakfast in bed? I have never been served breakfast in bed that I can remember.

Monday, February 16, 2009

TMI Tuesday #174

1. What is your favorite charity? Do you you give your time or just money to that charity? I donate things to River of Life a homeless shelter in Chinatown. (In Hawaii) My church goes there every other month, but I decided to collect things from around and take there. I do not give money donations very often, but willing to donate my time to any charity that needs it (if I believe in the same goal)

2. Describe your bed. What side do you sleep on? I bought a brand new bed, with metal scrolls for decor. It has a headboard and footboard, and hope it is long enough for MK who is really tall. I bought it on purpose bc it is both reasonable and multi-functioning. He has the handcuffs and we got a fun play kit for a present a few years ago. We never got to use it bc nowhere to hook to. Not any longer, whip it out and let's play. I sleep on the left side, and really not sure why. It just worked out that way when I set up the bedroom. MK has been gone for over a year and hasn't seen the new place or bed. Hope he likes "his side" bc mine is very comfy. He hasn't slept on a queen before, wait besides me, I mean the bed...

3. How important is a partners kissing ability? I would say almost the most important part. I do not believe you can teach someone how to kiss differently. I think they are just born that way, and if he is bad at it, really I end the relationship. I couldn't be with someone who doesn't mesh with my kissing style. Luckily MK gets it done perfect every time. I long, hot, passionate, firm kiss is all it takes to get me hot under the collar.

4. Have you ever "taken advantage" of a person under the influence of alcohol? Have you ever been "taken advantage" of while under the influence of alcohol? I do not drink alcohol bc I don't want that to happen. Also I do not like the taste of beer, so doing it with a guy that tastes bad is a "no-go." I have found that guys who have drank too much, can't keep it hard and going for long. So they taste not great, they get lazy, and they can't perform as no alcohol influence for me.

5. Ever tried to replay the famous scene from From Here to Eternity? How was it? I kiss my bebe on the beach, but not with the waves rushing up on us. I am not a beach romantic at all. I hate the taste of salt water to the point that I won't go in the water much. So tasting it on MK wouldn't be a hot thing for me. We do lay on the beach, but I think people would be surprised if we broke out in a hot movie scene with their kids running all over. I wish we could find a completely private beach, but that is a rare find, except in movies and they were far from alone with cameras and crew lol

Bonus (as in optional): What kind of birth control do you use?

I used the pill for 15 years and no accidents. I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen for the last few years. I know it can cause weight gain, but so does getting pregnant. I needed peace of mind when having sex, and didn't want anything I had to do to myself, like diaphram or ring. AND I never do shots, so that wasn't good. I did miss a pill here or there, but when on it so long, nothing went wrong. Now I am off trying to get pregnant and wonder if it is taking longer bc of how long I was on them. I totally recommend this method if you can remember only 1 pill a night when going to bed. I wanted the power to protect instead of hoping a guy came prepared.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

TMI Tuesday #173

1. What do you think is the un-sexiest part of the body? nose

2. Toilet paper: over, under, or what the hell are you talking about? Under

3. Have you ever called in sick to stay in bed with a sexual partner? No not yet

4. Did your parents have a “birds & bees” talk with you? If so, at what age? No, not that I remember

5. What is one thing a someone could do to you to rock your world? Explore a fantasy together that ends very well

Bonus (as in optional):
What does sex mean to you? It is a physical connection of sexual parts. Intercourse, foreplay, penetration...all those words. I can't really associate it with love, bc I have had sex with men that basically meant nothing to me, had sex with men who I thought did but didn't return any feelings. So it really is just a physical act, originally meant for procreating.

Sunday Stealing

1. where is your significant other? Kuwait

2. your favorite thing? Cell phone, honestly think I can't live without it

3. your dream last night? It was an adventure, drama and some nightmare parts

4. your goal? to pay my credit card debt off this year, get a career job this summer when we move back home and get pregnant

5. your hobby? Scrapbooking, collages, taking pictures, watching football

6. where do you want to be in 6 years? In a secure, full time job, being a great mom (one will be 16 by then so buying him a car) still happily married to my husband and my parents still alive

7. where were you last night? At home as usual

8. what you're not? Inconsiderate, unfriendly, shy, skinny, ethnic

9. one of your wish list items? Cruise around South America

10. your pet? cat, dog and 3 rats

11. missing someone? like crazy, can hardly stand it

12. your car? Grand Am and PT Cruiser

13. something you're not wearing? pants

14. love someone? Almost too much lol

15. when is the last time you laughed? Maybe yesterday

16. last time you cried?Feel like doing it today

17. favorite past time? Watching TV

18. are you a hater or a lover? both

19. any vices? chewing my nails

20. favorite meme other than Sunday Stealing? Wednesday Weirdness

Wednesday Weirdness #42

1. If you were to be reincarnated as an inanimate object, what would you choose to come back as? A chef's favorite knife. I would get to be around all the food and not gain weight. I would get cleaned every day, and a chef's favorite. Also I can be sharpened and work forever. Along with being shiny, sharp and functioning.

2. If you were told that you would be equipped with the perfect comeback to any remark, but it would cost you five years of your life would you take it? No, I can let someone else take the remark and end early. I am pretty good at it already.

3. What would be the most shocking thing your mom could have ever told you? That my dad isn't my dad. She has only been with him, and I have a lot of his traits. So to hear that would be impossible to believe, but happens to people.

4. If you could spend 24 hours as the opposite gender, what would you do? Pee standing up without having to undo everything, yank on my penis, masturbate, insert into the "pocket" to see how that side feels and go shirtless. Thank God no bras!

5. Describe the ugliest outfit you have ever worn in public. I had black parachute pants, with silver zippers on them, and weird pockets. I was in middle school and wanted to be cool. It had some black and silver top. At the time it was just ok, now it was UGLY.

6. Do you like to celebrate Valentine's Day or do you wish you could magically pouf it from the calendar? I have celebrated it, at least by sending and receiving cards. I have been in relationships most of my teen/adult life, but no Vday I can totally remember. It is just a day to wear red and pink, put on pretty jewelry, an excuse to eat out and end the day with hot fucking. Sounds like another day in porn to me, with some chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Nothing special, and I think it is over rated when wives feel "cheated" and forgotten on a retail shopping day. Leave it or ditch it, doesn't matter to me.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sexy survey by MK

1. First French kiss? After thinking a lot, my first french kiss was in the basement of my parents house. It was kinda interesting how it all came about. We just moved into the neighborhood, and I met this girl who we'll call "V". I've always been the quiet shy type and at home just a little bit more outgoing. So one day just hanging out in the basement (summer was a bummer and the pool was closed) we were just talking and the next thing i knew she gave me a peck on the lips, which in return became a lip-lock, which turned into a game of toncile hockey.

2. First boyfriend/girlfriend. I guess I really didn't date until I was in High School. In grade school we have our little girlfriends that really didn't turn into much. There was a few but in High School was when I seriously started to date. I was a Freshman and she was a Senior. So we went out a few times, and needless to say I wonder what the hell did the woman see in me. It was more of a in school relationship, after she graduated, i lost touch with her. Hell what can i say it just all depends on how you look at it.

3. First type. I have always liked women with light color hair (usually brown or blonde) with hazel, blue, or green eyes. A cup size no smaller than a D, with a beautiful smile. My family always thought I was going to marry a blonde hair, blue eyed lady, well partially right, but my true love has brown hair and all the eye colors that I love

4. First time you had sex. From what I can remember my real first time for having sex was probably in High School. I would go over to this girl's house all the time, and we'd just hang out watching movies and listening to music. From what I can remember we had a half day and I went straight from school to her house. So we were sitting there, and she cuddled up against me I remember something about showing me her room, ok so I did. We started kissing on her bed and one thing just lead to another. God only knows if I was doing anything right. Hell I was young a the time.

5. First celebrity crush. Who remembers Full House? Thats right, I had a crush on Candice Cameron. Oh the things I would do to her... I found her really hot, between her and Alyssa Millano from Who's the Boss/Charmed and whatever else she is doing now. They are the only 2 who i really really wanted at the same time. Dreamed that I was with them both and hope that one didn't find out about the other. Make myself a big name. But oh well. We live, learn.

6. First sexual fantasy. you would ask that question. I honestly do not recall my first sexual fantasy...sorry.

7. First person you fell in love with. The first person who I fell in love with would have to be my mother of my child. Growing up you are told what love is or how love is suppose to feel. It's hard to explain how or why everything ended on such a bad note but it did. We were pretty good friends afterward but now, there's not even a friendship. The funny thing is I met her online and everything just clicked. Then after about 2 yrs it fell apart. I guess we were too young and started a family at a young age

8. First proper sex toy.I am such a lame ass sob. the only proper sex toy I have is bondage kit that was given to me and my wife by NV and IM. I have no life..LOL

9. First porn video. My first porn video that I own, I got in 2005...once again I'm lame LOL it was something that I decided to buy because I was curious. but oh well. What can you do.

10. First sexy lingerie item/sexy briefs owned. They were accually silk boxers which my wife now bought me for my bday in 99 that was so cool and comfy, and a lot of fun. I've always prefered boxers, for the fact that everything is relaxed.

11. First time giving oral. My first time giving oral was very interesting, I think, either that or I just totally sucked the first time around and don't remember it.

12. First time getting oral. she no longer talks to me. I never realized that when you blow your load on a girl's face she gets really pissy. I told her to slow it down, and she starts speeding up, stops cause her jaw hurts and SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT!. She got the baby gravy all over her face. I remember her looking at me and me trying not to laugh, and she said you could have told me that you were cumming. Well me being the smart ass that I am told her, "Well if you would have waited just a few more seconds you could have swallowed." Since then I have never heard from her again.

13. First one night stand. I am a police officer in the county somewhere (won't tell you which county or city) but after work one night I met this teacher at a bar, and we hung out and started drinking a few. She said her friends left her and wanted to know if I could give her a ride. (she's kinda hot, red hair, blue eyes, typical Irish gal) so I say sure. But she wants to stay and drink so we do. We walk back to my car and start making out and move to the back seat, where clothes just magically fall off. So after a round in the car, we decide to get dressed and leave. At this point I'm thinking shit we both had quite a few to drink, let's get a motel room for the night. So we get in our room and all what I remember is not getting any shut eye that night, just building up a sweat. We were probably too drunk to realize if anything was working right, but by morning when we both decided its time to go I dropped her off at her house, and I went back home to take a shower and go back to work.

14. First dirty book/dirty mag read. I remember going to my grandfather's house. The man had Playboy hidden everywhere. My mom tried to protect me from the evil Playboy magazine for fear of something, but everytime I found one I hid somewhere and read the magazine and tired to put it back where i found it.

Naughty Meme

Rules to Isabella's Naughty Meme of Firsts:
1. Please post these at the beginning of your meme.
2. Please include a link to Sex Talk For Men.
3. Please include as many sordid details in your answers as possible -- if you haven't got any, make them up!
4. Tag 3 people.

1. First French kiss? I don't remember, the real one but I dated a guy named Mike when I was 16. We never got naked or did anything sexual. He didn't have any kidneys and had dialysis. We had a connection beyond physical. We would kiss, lay on the sofa and watch TV/movies, play games with friends and his family. He was so sweet, so we would French kiss but never with real passion. More kinda awkward, but I loved him in an innocent way.
2. First boyfriend/girlfriend. Ok, technically I started seeing a guy on his fatherly weekends in 5th grade. We continued our meetings at social places, like roller rink thru 8th grade. We would kinda kiss or whatever, but I was not attracted to him. I hoped even at that young age that looks didn't matter, but they always have. Funny thing, he left me for a different girl, I didn't break things off.
3. First type. By age 17, my type became always the bad boys, the ones that needed a good girlto set things right and change them lol. I had all guy friends in high school and they were whores. I wanted to be with one certain guy who only saw me as the "best friend girl type." I hated that. I wanted to be the sexy, sleep with girl bc I was too hot to pass up. So I ended up with one of them, thought he went "good" and was so in denial...he was a bad boy in all the bad ways
4. First time you had sex. Age 19 It was negative. I was seeing the bad boy, and believed that if I didn't have sex with him he would leave me. I hadn't decided to do it, but he decided for me. It was ok, I was thinking it was for a good cause, but afterwards he got up, left to take a shower and I broke into tears on the phone to a friend. Not a first to remember.
5. First celebrity crush. Michael J. Fox and really I am not into short men. I liked Family Ties and his character was funny. Wait maybe it was Scott Baio. My favorite show of all time is Happy Days and he was the hot Chachi! Then he was handsome on Charles in Charge, so I say him.
6. First sexual fantasy. It was not with any particular person, I was just intrigued by the idea of sex. I had fantasy of it being with the perfect guy, who loved me, wanted me, craved me. I didn't get that until my final fantasy came true last year.
7. First person you fell in love with. Age 19, the bad boy mentioned before. I thought that I should marry the first person I had sex with. It had been reamed in my head by the church and family. I really did love him, in that naive, pure way. To believe what he said to me, to think that only I would satisfy him forever. I loved being with him, more liked longed for him. I knew that when he was with me, he was there with me, but when he was gone, I had no idea. He gave me nice things, brought me flowers, drove to Indiana (4 hours) to see me on a whim...truly romantic things, and it ended with a box of letters of his devoted love...just too late.
8. First proper sex toy. This bad boy gave me a toy from Spencer's as a gift. Not to really use, but more like a joke. I was disgusted by it, and hid it away. I should have thrown it away, but just didn't. So the humor to the story...I had gone to college, and it was stored between the mattresses back in the parents home to never be found. UNTIL they decided to treat me to a new mattress set while I was gone. I came home, and they had nicely placed it in my drawer next to my bed. I never brought it up to them.
9. First porn video. About 23, I dated a guy who was white/mixed and he just acted "black". He knew I liked black guys but also knew I loved him. So we found a porn with a girl same name as me (a unique name) who had a white bf and a black gardener. He bought it for me as a joke and we watched it. This is why I always wanted a storyline.
10. First sexy lingerie item/sexy briefs owned. Age 20ish I don't remember what it was. I always have wanted sexy lingerie to make me look pretty. Set the mood, and turn him on.
11. First time giving oral. Age 26, I never liked it, or thought I wouldn't. Just couldn't get passed the idea of being dirty. Then I met a guy who had no inhibitions. For some reason, I changed, tried it and now I love doing it. Wasn't til my 3rd sex partner and 7 years of sex to change my view.
12. First time getting oral. Age 23, the 1st bad boy was never really into me, just about him. So the 2nd bf was totally different. We (the local area) knew him as a woman's man, that just slept around and did all the girls. So if that is true, he certainly learned to not be selfish, give and make me feel important. At first it wasn't natural, then it became a step in every process.
13. First one night stand. Ok technically, a one night stand is only one night of sex and then no more contact or no more sex or what? What about sex so bad you never wanted to do it again? I can remember the most awful sex that turned into a one night stand. I did yahoo personals a lot. I met a guy that worked at a furniture store. He had money, a job, a house, nice things, took me out and paid for dinner, all the things that a woman is supposed to want. But dang ugly and hairy. So I continued to his house, thinking that maybe sex would be great and I could sacrifice beauty for money. No way, it was awful. I remember the high bed, bigger and nicer than any furniture or place I had seen, yeah a furniture salesman. But he was from Syria and bossy, and awkward. So I never returned a call and hated to have to claim that as a figure in my list of sex partners.
14. First dirty book/dirty mag read. Not mine, my dad had a stash of Playboys and Penthouse magazines. I knew where they were, and would sneak in when no one was home to look. It was so much to be turned on, it was to know what men thought was beautiful, what our parts really looked like, ways to move our bodies. Unfortunately, I guess it gave me a false image of beauty, but I have always looked at magazines to find beauty.

No one to tag, bc no followers yet. BUT I had my husband do the survey and will post next. He doesn't have an ID on here.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness #33

1.) Do you get along with your significant other's parents? If you've never met their parents or if you're single, how did you usually get along with former SO's parents? I really like his parents and we have a good relationship BUT they have never called me to see if I am ok with this deployment. I called them on Dec 24 and they have yet to call me back. No comments about Tyler's parents, no Happy New Year, nothing and it hurts bc we should be close and not all my effort.

2.) Have you ever stolen a tip from a table while eating at a restaurant? If you saw someone doing this, would you speak up or pretend you never saw anything? I would never take tips. If someone did it, I wouldn't say anything bc not my business.

3.) Do you have any sexual fantasies that you’d never admit to anyone? Yes

4.) What smells do you find comforting?! The smell of baked goods in candles, cinnamon candy or candles, fresh flowers but not fake flower smell, men's cologne, food scented body wash

5.) Do you ever resent your significant other for not earning more money? Do you ever find yourself jealous because your SO earns more money than you? No earning money is not in the control of most people. The society decides who pays what and what job you are given. I can never hold money against anyone now, but I will say I did in my past.

6.) If you had to wear a Halloween costume for 3 hours a day, ever day, for the rest of your life, which would it be and why? I'd be a dominatrix! I love the look and I'd get to feel powerful and be a bitch in charge ;-) (I'm copying IMs answer bc just what I would say)

7.) Have you ever had sex with someone and kept a piece of their undergarments or anything else for any reason? Yes, just to have something to remind me of them, especially after they have left or I have gone home. Now whether they know or not is another thing lol

Wednesday Weirdness #34

1. What is the one sexual act you would never do? The one where I pee on someone...what is that about?

2. Is there anyone you know, that if they turned out to be a serial killer you would not be surprised? Nope, I would probably be surprised

3. What is the most annoying thing about the holiday season for you? That the stores make you wait for one day to do all the cheapest shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Why do we have to get up at 5am and wait in a long line so your store can make my family happy with what I can afford to buy that day.

4. If you saw a video of your celebrity crush picking their nose, would that change your opinion of your hotness? No we all do it

5. What is the one non-sexual thing you would be embarrassed to be caught doing? Farting, bc the public thinks it's such a big deal.

6. A favorite blogger friend wrote a column about the one word that really turns her on. Do you have a word or phrase that does the same for you? What is it? Penetration...bc you know it means the full on sex, with a professional edge...yet sexy and a mental image of a hard cock ready to go in a porn.

7. As someone who ran a virtual cookie exchange, I have to ask what your favorite cookie is? I wish I knew, haven't met a cookie I didn't like.

Wednesday Weirdness #37

1. Why do you keep a blog? Bc I like to talk with other people, share about me, vent, and answering questions makes me realize about myself too.

2. Who is one long lost blogger you wish would come back? Don't have any

3. If you made a New Year's Resolution, did you break it already? If you did not make one, why?I don't make New Year's resolutions. I work on things as needed. Jan 1 is no special day for me.

4. People who still have their outside Christmas lights up. Festive or Lazy? Discuss. Are they cool lights, like took a month to put up and a month to take down...then festive. The ones that put up strings of lights on the roof and just never turn them on but in December, lazy.

5. What is the last annoying song that got trapped in your head? It is always a chorus and usually just repeats and I don't remember all the words.

6. Have you ever worn or tried edible underwear? What are your thoughts on it? I have owned a couple. One was made of like fruit roll ups for the panty part and licorice string. I don't understand how to keep them on and why would you want to wait for him to eat the fruit roll up and then have sticky teeth.

Bonus: If you could do one bad thing and get away with it, what would you do and why? I would rob a jewelry store after hours. Not hurt anyone and only take like 5 great things. No need to destroy anything bc I am getting away with it. So just sneak in, take what I want, go out. Share with one with IM in an emerald blend for her Irish touch.

Wednesday Weirdness #41

1.) Tell us something that to you is weird about your significant other. (If single, pick an ex) He is 3 colors...his face, neck and hands look like a handsome black guy. His arms look like he is a farmer with tshirt marks and his belly and upper legs are about as white as me.

2.) What are 3 songs that you find sexy?
All I Want To Do by Sugarland Your Man by Josh Turner Let's Get It On by Marvin Gaye

3.) After your partner goes down on you, do they have to brush their teeth/rinse with mouthwash before meeting your mouth again or do things just roll on? That would be a big interruptions, just keep going...just sex juices anyway

4.) Is it ever okay to go ass to mouth without cleaning in between? (Anal sex to oral sex. Licking the anus to kissing. Etc ) Technically by experts no, bc clean or not you can spread bad germs

5.) If you were going to give yourself a "Most Likely To..." award for this week, what would your title be? Most Likely To Spend 2 Valentine's Days Alone While Married.

6.) Do you read any self-help books? If so, which is your favorite? If not, why not?
Self Sexual Healing Finding Pleasure Within bc I spent the last 14 months alone married with no sexual outlet but myself. Also Getting Pregnant What You Need to Know Right Now bc we want to get pregnant right away when he gets back

7.) Do you prefer to buy porn, sex toys, lube and things of that nature in a store or discreetly online? Why? I buy online at I do go into sex stores, but prefer to keep it discreet and buy things on clearance and sale online or in the catalog.

8.) List these things in order from what you find most sexy to least sexy: Money, Loyalty, Sense of humor, Intelligence, Kindness, Romantic, Open-mindedness, Kinky, Honesty.

In order from sexiest to least is Sense of Humor, Loyalty, Kindness, Romantic, Kinky, Honesty, Intelligence, Open mindedness, Money

TMI Tuesdays #172

1. When you sleep with someone, how much or how little contact do you like to have? I am all about intimacy, but when it comes time to sleep I want a little room. I can cuddle up to him on his arm or chest, but soon I roll over to my area for real sleep.

2. What do you think there is a appropriate amount of time for a divorce parent to date before introducing the kids to the "new" "special" person in their life? It depends on the age of the kids, and the relationship with the divorced parent. If the other parent was rarely involved or violent, then a new person coming around in the next month might be fun. If the parent is very involved and it would harm the child, then maybe it should be 6 months before meeting the person. Not a place for dating people, but more for a relationship status. If the child is a teenager then they are more openminded to what dating is. Age is very important for what they consider to be ok.

3. Which ONE do you wish you had more of in bed... romance, experimentation or foreplay? Foreplay, bc my husband just isn't into it. I love giving and he enjoys receiving, but he tends to rush it. When it comes to me, he doesn't perform oral foreplay for me. I am not sure how to suggest it and make him comfortable doing it. Maybe there is a reason, but I haven't felt comfortable to ask.

4. What do you thinks makes a kiss great? when the person is so into me that the rest of the space disappears. There is an aggressive passion about it, deep and meaningful. That both people want what is happening and find each other sexy at that very moment 5. Describe your sex life in two words: missing lonely

Bonus (as in optional): Do you remember a time when you were having sex that you smile or even laugh about now? Do tell....Nothing especially funny has ever happened, just good memories.

Wednesday Weirdness #40

1.) If a natural disaster left thousands of people homeless, would you let a family of strangers stay in your house? I would absolutely do that. My home is small but I think even a sofa and flooring bedding would be enough.

2.) How often do you watch porn? Weekly these days since Mike is gone. All I have left.

3.) How many people have naked or semi-naked pictures of you? Maybe 2, my hubby and I think NV.

4.) When having sex with someone, have you ever fantasized about someone else? I know it can be "normal" to fantasize about someone else, but honestly my husband is all I need to think about... or in the past the guy with me.

5.) Is there ever an appropriate time to lie to someone and push yourself off as single when truthfully you're not? No

6.) Who is one person who has changed your life and how did they change things for you? I will have to think on this one...

7.) How comfortable are you in bed with your current significant other? Do they know all your kinks or do you tend to hold back? Why? Um I am moderately comfortable. I need to learn to speak my mind. I don't want to hurt a guy's feelings and so just go along with whatever is going on. I don't know how to say sexy things out loud, honestly bc my past sex experiences have been not great and intimidating. Now I am working on it, but my husband is deployed. He is a lot of talk these days, but he is kinda shy in the bedroom. Too shy people can make sex nice, romantic and comfortable...but that can be dull at times.

Sunday Stealing

1. If you could say anything you wanted to say to George Bush, what would you say? After watching the movie on you, I realize why you were so bad at being president. You are an alcoholic, selfish, lazy man who became president to show up your brother who really deserves credit beyond you. You started wars and sent family members off to die for your cause when you don't even care about the cause; you knew you just needed "power" for 8 years and then someone else's mess.

2. If you had to be the mother of Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan, who would you choose and why? Britney Spears, I think I could have kept her more grounded, been less focused on money and realized that she was having a mental breakdown and not waited so long to get her help. The Lohan's are just Fucked Up, and she is a train wreck as NV mentioned.

3. You get to be Queen for a day. The kids are all taken care of, and you can spend as much money as you want. What do you do all day? I would by a plane ticket at the airport early that morning to a random destination with a return flight back the next day for me and my hubby. Pay for a hotel room, but no sleeping, eat at the best recommended restaurant at hotel, ride around in a rented limosine, stock the room with flowers for romance, take pictures all day to remember my day. I would hit the local casino for one hour and see how it goes. Then at about 10pm, go back to the room, relax, order dessert room service, turn the music up real loud and lay in bed with Mike til midnight hits and our free day is over.

4. Is there a song that brings tears to your eyes every time you hear it? If so, which one? Yes, Just a Dream by Carrie Underwood. It tells of a woman engaged to a soldier who goes to Iraq. Instead of walking down the aisle of her wedding, she walks down the aisle at the funeral. Hits too close to home for me right now.

5. A fairy taps you on the shoulder and tells you that you can either have a perfect face or a perfect body for the rest of your life. Which do you choose? Perfect body, bc it would be such easier work than trying to lose all this weight right now. My face is only a small part of me, and a smile and pretty eyes can fix almost any face...a body it a lot more work. How do I reach that fairy?

6. If you could live any place in the world and money was no object, where would you live and why? I would move to a moderate sized house in Mendoza, Argentina. I have lived there and loved it. Money would be easy to save bc life is more simple there, not a lot of waste. I would install heat and an AC unit, bc they just kinda don't exist there. It is really hot in summer and really cold in winter. I suffered thru the seasons and would change that for sure. I don't care for the ocean, and realize an island life is hell for me. I would get to use English when I want and go back to speaking Spanish every day and learning new words. Having unlimited money just means I can help people down there, not have to work for money, and be who I want to be, no expectations. I of course take my husband with me, bc having him there makes it the best place on earth.

7. What is your biggest regret in life? I made a decision when I was 19, that other people forced me into. I never came to terms, I was not my own person then, and felt intimidated by everyone. I guess changing it would have changed my life now and not sure how that would have turned maybe not go back and change it, but I should have done for me and been selfish. All these years later and I can't get over it and lost a part of me back then.

8. If you could go back and visit one person in your life who is now dead, and ask one question, what would that question be and why would you ask it? My grandma- my dad's mom had Alzheimer's during most of my life that I can remember her. I hear things about her, but they are not always good. I would like to ask her how she saw her life, see if she was bipolar and that is why she was moody. I would also like her to know me and see what she thinks. For the last 3 years of her life she didn't even really talk. I saw a childlike person and my dad grew up with a crabby, mean, controlling mother. I want my own opinion.

9. If you had the choice to age forward (like we are now) or aging backwards (think Benjamin Buttons) which would you choose and why? I like the way it goes...the unknown is scary to me and that is certainly unknown to do it the other way.

10. What will the epitaph on your headstone say? Probably the boring, year of birth and death and then the common "Loving wife, daughter, (mother maybe)" Can I request some bells and whistles for stand out from the rest? lol

Sunday Stealing

1. Is there someone you'd like to be kissing right now? Not counting my husband...maybe, I consider it. lol

2. When you're being extremely quiet, what does it mean? I must be sleeping bc I am not a quiet person

3. What are you listening to right now? TV

4. Are you a big fan of thunderstorms? No always been afraid of thunder

5. Do you believe in perfect? Yes when in nature. I have seen some perfect rainbows here that show the beginning and end and even have double rainbows, where one is perfect bright and the other is dim and mystical.

6. Are you a jealous person? No, jealous is unhealthy and trust is so important in a relationship...whether friend or lover

7. What was the first thing you thought this morning? Is it afternoon yet?

8. What do you think about when you are falling asleep? That I am laying in bed alone, tired of satisfying myself and no one to kiss

9. Are you satisfied with what you have in life? Not really, but it will be better later this year

10. Do people ever think that you're either older or younger than you actually are? People think I am younger

11. Do you think men truly understand women? No, we are complicated animals and most of the time on purpose.

12. How about women understanding men? We think we do, bc we are never it must be you.

13. Did anybody ever call you handsome or beautiful? Yes I hear it every day and kinda believe it, whether the mirror says it or not

14. What is one fact about the last person that called you? He is the hottest, sexiest man I should see him

15. Other than your current one, what’s the longest relationship you have had? I had a crazy, hot sex, personally destructive relationship with one guy off and on for 9 years. I made it off and on honestly just for the sex and obsession.