Sunday, February 8, 2009

Naughty Meme

Rules to Isabella's Naughty Meme of Firsts:
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1. First French kiss? I don't remember, the real one but I dated a guy named Mike when I was 16. We never got naked or did anything sexual. He didn't have any kidneys and had dialysis. We had a connection beyond physical. We would kiss, lay on the sofa and watch TV/movies, play games with friends and his family. He was so sweet, so we would French kiss but never with real passion. More kinda awkward, but I loved him in an innocent way.
2. First boyfriend/girlfriend. Ok, technically I started seeing a guy on his fatherly weekends in 5th grade. We continued our meetings at social places, like roller rink thru 8th grade. We would kinda kiss or whatever, but I was not attracted to him. I hoped even at that young age that looks didn't matter, but they always have. Funny thing, he left me for a different girl, I didn't break things off.
3. First type. By age 17, my type became always the bad boys, the ones that needed a good girlto set things right and change them lol. I had all guy friends in high school and they were whores. I wanted to be with one certain guy who only saw me as the "best friend girl type." I hated that. I wanted to be the sexy, sleep with girl bc I was too hot to pass up. So I ended up with one of them, thought he went "good" and was so in denial...he was a bad boy in all the bad ways
4. First time you had sex. Age 19 It was negative. I was seeing the bad boy, and believed that if I didn't have sex with him he would leave me. I hadn't decided to do it, but he decided for me. It was ok, I was thinking it was for a good cause, but afterwards he got up, left to take a shower and I broke into tears on the phone to a friend. Not a first to remember.
5. First celebrity crush. Michael J. Fox and really I am not into short men. I liked Family Ties and his character was funny. Wait maybe it was Scott Baio. My favorite show of all time is Happy Days and he was the hot Chachi! Then he was handsome on Charles in Charge, so I say him.
6. First sexual fantasy. It was not with any particular person, I was just intrigued by the idea of sex. I had fantasy of it being with the perfect guy, who loved me, wanted me, craved me. I didn't get that until my final fantasy came true last year.
7. First person you fell in love with. Age 19, the bad boy mentioned before. I thought that I should marry the first person I had sex with. It had been reamed in my head by the church and family. I really did love him, in that naive, pure way. To believe what he said to me, to think that only I would satisfy him forever. I loved being with him, more liked longed for him. I knew that when he was with me, he was there with me, but when he was gone, I had no idea. He gave me nice things, brought me flowers, drove to Indiana (4 hours) to see me on a whim...truly romantic things, and it ended with a box of letters of his devoted love...just too late.
8. First proper sex toy. This bad boy gave me a toy from Spencer's as a gift. Not to really use, but more like a joke. I was disgusted by it, and hid it away. I should have thrown it away, but just didn't. So the humor to the story...I had gone to college, and it was stored between the mattresses back in the parents home to never be found. UNTIL they decided to treat me to a new mattress set while I was gone. I came home, and they had nicely placed it in my drawer next to my bed. I never brought it up to them.
9. First porn video. About 23, I dated a guy who was white/mixed and he just acted "black". He knew I liked black guys but also knew I loved him. So we found a porn with a girl same name as me (a unique name) who had a white bf and a black gardener. He bought it for me as a joke and we watched it. This is why I always wanted a storyline.
10. First sexy lingerie item/sexy briefs owned. Age 20ish I don't remember what it was. I always have wanted sexy lingerie to make me look pretty. Set the mood, and turn him on.
11. First time giving oral. Age 26, I never liked it, or thought I wouldn't. Just couldn't get passed the idea of being dirty. Then I met a guy who had no inhibitions. For some reason, I changed, tried it and now I love doing it. Wasn't til my 3rd sex partner and 7 years of sex to change my view.
12. First time getting oral. Age 23, the 1st bad boy was never really into me, just about him. So the 2nd bf was totally different. We (the local area) knew him as a woman's man, that just slept around and did all the girls. So if that is true, he certainly learned to not be selfish, give and make me feel important. At first it wasn't natural, then it became a step in every process.
13. First one night stand. Ok technically, a one night stand is only one night of sex and then no more contact or no more sex or what? What about sex so bad you never wanted to do it again? I can remember the most awful sex that turned into a one night stand. I did yahoo personals a lot. I met a guy that worked at a furniture store. He had money, a job, a house, nice things, took me out and paid for dinner, all the things that a woman is supposed to want. But dang ugly and hairy. So I continued to his house, thinking that maybe sex would be great and I could sacrifice beauty for money. No way, it was awful. I remember the high bed, bigger and nicer than any furniture or place I had seen, yeah a furniture salesman. But he was from Syria and bossy, and awkward. So I never returned a call and hated to have to claim that as a figure in my list of sex partners.
14. First dirty book/dirty mag read. Not mine, my dad had a stash of Playboys and Penthouse magazines. I knew where they were, and would sneak in when no one was home to look. It was so much to be turned on, it was to know what men thought was beautiful, what our parts really looked like, ways to move our bodies. Unfortunately, I guess it gave me a false image of beauty, but I have always looked at magazines to find beauty.

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  1. Enjoyed your answers. Loved learning stuff about you. Looking forward to knowing more about you. :)