Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness #44

1.) You're on a trip taking a tour through the jungle. You have a backpack with some food, some first aid supplies, a pocket knife, a flashlight and a couple bottles of water. Some how, you get separated from your group. By night fall you haven't found your group and haven't heard them looking for you. How long do you think you would be able to survive on your own? A couple of days. I can survive on bare calorie intake from the food, I won't need first aid bc I don't plan on being a risk taker, I can collect rain water in the bottle after I drink one from a big leaf. I will just stay where I am for 2 days, and hope nothing bites me. Hopefully the group will follow the same trail to where I was left at. While I am waiting I will learn to make a fire, if not too wet and use the smoke to show where I am from the air. Boredom and itching would be the biggest thing, and not over using the flashlight battery when it is scary and dark.

2.) Do you think it's okay to lie to spare someone's feelings? Why? Yes, I do it with one guy. It turns out his brother has meanly told him the things I think. It doesn't change his mental problems and only makes him feel bad. Sparing his feelings makes him happier and my friends tend to just let things go about him too.

3.) If a talking Krista doll were made, what are THREE phrases it would say? You've got to be kidding me! I love you! Yeah

4.) If the super power to be able to read minds at your own will were possible, do you think it would be... cool and helpful, intrusive and wrong, manipulative or maddening? Explain why you would or wouldn't want to be able to read anyone's mind at your own will.
I think it would need to be controlled. Reading everyone's mind would be too much overload, and some thoughts of people should truly be private. If we wanted people to know what we think of them, we would say it out loud. BUT it would be nice to know if people are lying about liking you, are really going to call, and were really just "too busy at work" to call me in weeks.

5.) Drunk confessions, are they the things people can't bring themselves to say sober or just crazy ramblings of an influenced and intoxicated mind?
I am not sure, but the last woman who did it ruined our entire friendship. She was annoying, over reacting, whiney and wrong for flirting with a man at a bar behind her husband's back - While he is fighting a war in Iraq. So there, she can find this blog and hear what she wanted to hear all along. I tried to be to the point, in the nicest way and say that her marriage is not my concern. Drunk and repeated herself over and over and made me wait 25 minutes to call my husband bc she had guilt issues. Never saw her again after that and lost all her drunk bar friends at the same time. Oh well 5 girls out of my life that were never meant to be there in the first place.

6.) What brings out the worst in you? Being unmedicated

7.) Do you think long distance relationships work? Have you ever been in one before?
I hope so, bc I have been separated from my husband in Iraq for 15 months and our relationship is great. Altho I did have a 3 year relationship where the guy joined the Navy and moved away. That one did not last, bc the absence made me realize how bad he was for me. I think age, maturity, length of relationship all play the part in whether it works or not. I do believe that 80% of the 18/19 yr old girls who married their guys bc of Iraq will not make it "til death do us part"

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  1. Really great answers!

    I really like how you answered 4 and 7, I agree. :)

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