Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sexy survey by MK

1. First French kiss? After thinking a lot, my first french kiss was in the basement of my parents house. It was kinda interesting how it all came about. We just moved into the neighborhood, and I met this girl who we'll call "V". I've always been the quiet shy type and at home just a little bit more outgoing. So one day just hanging out in the basement (summer was a bummer and the pool was closed) we were just talking and the next thing i knew she gave me a peck on the lips, which in return became a lip-lock, which turned into a game of toncile hockey.

2. First boyfriend/girlfriend. I guess I really didn't date until I was in High School. In grade school we have our little girlfriends that really didn't turn into much. There was a few but in High School was when I seriously started to date. I was a Freshman and she was a Senior. So we went out a few times, and needless to say I wonder what the hell did the woman see in me. It was more of a in school relationship, after she graduated, i lost touch with her. Hell what can i say it just all depends on how you look at it.

3. First type. I have always liked women with light color hair (usually brown or blonde) with hazel, blue, or green eyes. A cup size no smaller than a D, with a beautiful smile. My family always thought I was going to marry a blonde hair, blue eyed lady, well partially right, but my true love has brown hair and all the eye colors that I love

4. First time you had sex. From what I can remember my real first time for having sex was probably in High School. I would go over to this girl's house all the time, and we'd just hang out watching movies and listening to music. From what I can remember we had a half day and I went straight from school to her house. So we were sitting there, and she cuddled up against me I remember something about showing me her room, ok so I did. We started kissing on her bed and one thing just lead to another. God only knows if I was doing anything right. Hell I was young a the time.

5. First celebrity crush. Who remembers Full House? Thats right, I had a crush on Candice Cameron. Oh the things I would do to her... I found her really hot, between her and Alyssa Millano from Who's the Boss/Charmed and whatever else she is doing now. They are the only 2 who i really really wanted at the same time. Dreamed that I was with them both and hope that one didn't find out about the other. Make myself a big name. But oh well. We live, learn.

6. First sexual fantasy. you would ask that question. I honestly do not recall my first sexual fantasy...sorry.

7. First person you fell in love with. The first person who I fell in love with would have to be my mother of my child. Growing up you are told what love is or how love is suppose to feel. It's hard to explain how or why everything ended on such a bad note but it did. We were pretty good friends afterward but now, there's not even a friendship. The funny thing is I met her online and everything just clicked. Then after about 2 yrs it fell apart. I guess we were too young and started a family at a young age

8. First proper sex toy.I am such a lame ass sob. the only proper sex toy I have is bondage kit that was given to me and my wife by NV and IM. I have no life..LOL

9. First porn video. My first porn video that I own, I got in 2005...once again I'm lame LOL it was something that I decided to buy because I was curious. but oh well. What can you do.

10. First sexy lingerie item/sexy briefs owned. They were accually silk boxers which my wife now bought me for my bday in 99 that was so cool and comfy, and a lot of fun. I've always prefered boxers, for the fact that everything is relaxed.

11. First time giving oral. My first time giving oral was very interesting, I think, either that or I just totally sucked the first time around and don't remember it.

12. First time getting oral. she no longer talks to me. I never realized that when you blow your load on a girl's face she gets really pissy. I told her to slow it down, and she starts speeding up, stops cause her jaw hurts and SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT!. She got the baby gravy all over her face. I remember her looking at me and me trying not to laugh, and she said you could have told me that you were cumming. Well me being the smart ass that I am told her, "Well if you would have waited just a few more seconds you could have swallowed." Since then I have never heard from her again.

13. First one night stand. I am a police officer in the county somewhere (won't tell you which county or city) but after work one night I met this teacher at a bar, and we hung out and started drinking a few. She said her friends left her and wanted to know if I could give her a ride. (she's kinda hot, red hair, blue eyes, typical Irish gal) so I say sure. But she wants to stay and drink so we do. We walk back to my car and start making out and move to the back seat, where clothes just magically fall off. So after a round in the car, we decide to get dressed and leave. At this point I'm thinking shit we both had quite a few to drink, let's get a motel room for the night. So we get in our room and all what I remember is not getting any shut eye that night, just building up a sweat. We were probably too drunk to realize if anything was working right, but by morning when we both decided its time to go I dropped her off at her house, and I went back home to take a shower and go back to work.

14. First dirty book/dirty mag read. I remember going to my grandfather's house. The man had Playboy hidden everywhere. My mom tried to protect me from the evil Playboy magazine for fear of something, but everytime I found one I hid somewhere and read the magazine and tired to put it back where i found it.

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  1. You only like big tits? I'm keeping my wife away from you! Hehe!