Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sunday Stealing

1. where is your significant other? Kuwait

2. your favorite thing? Cell phone, honestly think I can't live without it

3. your dream last night? It was an adventure, drama and some nightmare parts

4. your goal? to pay my credit card debt off this year, get a career job this summer when we move back home and get pregnant

5. your hobby? Scrapbooking, collages, taking pictures, watching football

6. where do you want to be in 6 years? In a secure, full time job, being a great mom (one will be 16 by then so buying him a car) still happily married to my husband and my parents still alive

7. where were you last night? At home as usual

8. what you're not? Inconsiderate, unfriendly, shy, skinny, ethnic

9. one of your wish list items? Cruise around South America

10. your pet? cat, dog and 3 rats

11. missing someone? like crazy, can hardly stand it

12. your car? Grand Am and PT Cruiser

13. something you're not wearing? pants

14. love someone? Almost too much lol

15. when is the last time you laughed? Maybe yesterday

16. last time you cried?Feel like doing it today

17. favorite past time? Watching TV

18. are you a hater or a lover? both

19. any vices? chewing my nails

20. favorite meme other than Sunday Stealing? Wednesday Weirdness

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